Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Hey there,
   So what's been going on here? An itemized list for you! (basically too random to make into a coherent post. Also, see: lazy)

1. I made a new recipe this week and I LOVED it. Banana Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars were easy, healthy, and delish. When dessert doubles as breakfast, we have a winner.

2. You know I love a good cleaning product and I was seeking the perfect cleaner upper for our granite countertops. I feel like I've purchased more than my fair share of Clorox wipes and they weren't getting the job done. My mother in law told me about this amazing cleaning spray from Costco. It's a miracle! It leaves counters and cabinets shiny and clean. I'm in love.

3. A few weeks ago we discovered this delicious local popcorn shop (in The District for you UT peeps) and AJ has literally talked about it daily. I'm not kidding. We swung by there Saturday when we were out and about and I died laughing when I looked in the backseat and saw my husband's prized possession buckled. up. That is some serious caramel corn lovin' folks.

4. One of my students came up to me and said "Mrs Steele, I really want to be a teacher when I grow up!" I told her that was great, what would she like best about teaching. Her response? "If your water bottle is empty, you always ask one of us to fill it up for you. I just think it'd be nice having people do stuff like that for you." That is a true teacher perk I never thought of. Thanks for the perspective, little one!

5. On Friday I got to work at the crack of dawn to get some things done and I realized (after the fact) that you need to walk a little ways into the building to trigger the alarm so that you can turn it off. I just went in to turn it off right away. And then was trapped in the janitor closet when it wasn't working. I sipped my Starbucks and waited the 15 minutes for the next early bird to arrive.  Yeah, I think I'll wait a bit before chomping at the bit to get to work next time.

6. We had fun at a friend's Super Bowl party. I am not the biggest sports fan, but you know, wings. And commercials. And the fact that Monday I needed to know what happened to make conversation.

7. The Bachelor. I shouted for joy when he sent Olivia home! But I have to agree with Jennifer Weiner's tweet: "Are they just going to leave her there until a new season of Survivor starts?" Boat pulls away and Big Mouth McGee is just left there crying! Ummmm. Tricky tricky ABC for having Ben take the rose to reject her. I am loving this season. I'm still rooting for Becca or Lauren B to be standing at the end and Caila to be Bachelorette.  But Twin (aka: Taylor Swift) is really growing on me too. Time will tell! And this season I'm staying away from Reality Steve, I want to be shocked and awed at "the most. dramatic. conclusion. ever."

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