Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Life

So I posted this on Facebook Wednesday evening and it felt so joyous to share our big news!

I can't guarantee this won't turn into a mommy blog since I'm equal parts fascinated, curious, and thrilled with this new little one growing inside of me. It is still a bit surreal but I'm savoring every pregnant moment in awe of this miracle.

So the deets: So far, thank goodness, no one has asked rudely if we were "trying." (people's fertility is such a sensitive topic and prying into it is rude rude rude). Truth be told, we were hoping and praying for a baby to grace our little family. We are settled into our first house, both have jobs we enjoy and are most likely done with school, we have a happy home and a loving marriage and wanted to share it with a wee one. I certainly didn't think the stars would align as soon as they did (decades of watching "16 and Pregnant" tried to convince me otherwise, but I honestly did not think it would happen to us just. like. that.).

I felt sort of funny after Thanksgiving break and googled "early pregnancy symptoms" more times than I cared to admit. I honestly was convinced I was NOT pregnant, but a no show from Aunt Flo and supreme exhaustion  did send my mind wandering in that direction. I went to do my normal grocery haul on a Friday afternoon and tossed a 4 pack of tests in my cart. I got home (AJ goes directly to his second job Friday nights right after teaching so he wasn't home and probably wouldn't be until 10 or so that night) and took the test and left it on the counter while I tossed in a load of laundry and tidied some things up. In the past when I've taken tests, I've stood at the bathroom counter wide-eyed for the whole 120 (long) seconds until the "negative" inevitably showed up on the screen and I could breathe a sigh of relief. But this time was different. I wanted a positive so I stayed away from the test for about 15 minutes hoping and praying maybe I'd see a result on the screen I'd never seen before. I peeked back into the bathroom and saw the big P word and I cannot even explain the feeling. I think I said "Oh my God" about 1000 times and proceeded to pick up the test and wander around the house not sure what to do with myself but I couldn't stop smiling. Of course the first thing I wanted to do was tell AJ. I took the test and wrapped it up in Christmas paper (this was early December) and counted down the hours until he'd be home. I then called the doctor to make an appointment because I am nothing if not efficient. The doc was closed till Monday and I learned my first lesson that waiting for the doctor is so excruciating when all you want as a new mommy is hope and reassurance that your little one is ok.

Well, the rest is history! AJ was over the moon and his reaction will always be treasured in my heart as one of my favorite memories. Since that day, Baby is now 13.5 weeks cooked and all is looking well. We still, naturally, pray fiercely for our sweet one and after a brief scare that involved an ER visit over Christmas Break (that is a whole entire saga in and of itself that one day I will maybe write about), we have already been taught a fundamental lesson of this parenting gig: It's not our baby, it's God's and reliance on His goodness and provision is the only thing that can provide comfort amid the profound joy and worry over carrying a piece of his creation.

I've been spending my time with my head either in the toilet or on the pillow and let me say this with complete confidence: ain't no tired like first trimester tired (add in teaching and I feel like I deserve a medal for getting dressed and staying upright for a solid 9 hour stretch). The sickness has been not so fun, but AJ and I joke that our baby is just giving us a run for our money....Baby Steele is already a mischief maker and we kinda like it. Actually we love it. So much already. Cheers (with a virgin "Pregatini") to this adventure. Oh baby, let's do this.

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