Friday, February 19, 2016

Let's HEAR it for the Weekend!

Hey There,
   Long time no blog. What's new in these parts? We enjoyed SUCH a relaxing long President's Day/Valentine's weekend. There was much sleeping, DVR tackling, reading, and chilling. We made cinnamon rolls on Valentine's Day and realized this was our 4th Valentine's Day together, awwwww.  I was still recovering from the 1st grade death cold and hadn't yet completely recovered when Thursday I woke up and legit couldn't. hear. Yeah. Went to instacare to discover my cold morphed into a raging ear infection. I'm on pregnancy-safe antibiotics now and the hearing is still touch and go. Here's hoping for full ear restoration by next week (although we are getting our taxes done this weekend and maybe not being able to hear all the boring deets is a good thing... Until they get to that little word I've been dreaming of: REFUND). So until I get this body of mine in working order this will be another weekend of epic chill. Which is fine by me! 
I made a new dinner last weekend and we really liked it! Enchilada Elbow Bake

I finished this book in just 3 days and loved it. Sometimes a gal just needs a little romantic easy read amiright? 
Baby bump is doing well. Still making mommy puke her guts out but I like to think of it as baby's way of communicating with me. "Like, hey, fist bump, mom, want to see last night's dinner again? No worries, just me saying hello." We honestly haven't bought anything for wee one yet, but there are two items on this weekend's "to buy" list: a pregnancy body pillow (doc said I'll need one once I start showing and as I look down I see a belly that is not, contrary to popular belief, made up of just tacos and tater tots, I'd say I'm showing) and some books for the start of baby's book collection. AJ and I are both avid readers and we're teachers, so come on, this kid better get used to nerding out. In other news, the students that I do have in class (see: 1st grade death cold/excessive absences from both teacher and students) are being pretty okay lately. I had them write about what they would do if they were president. My fave response: "I'd start by kicking out all the girls. Except Mrs. Steele. She can stay." Uhhhhhh.....Thanks, little buddy. Have a great weekend! 
This little grass cup from a student reminds me that spring is coming! Bring on the long days, warmer weather, and bright colors. I'm ready for ya! 

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