Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekending, Pencil Sharpeners, and Doggy Poo

Hello folks!
     My day today (Friday) started with ordering a grande and receiving a venti for the same price so I'm pretty sure that's the universe's way of telling me to chin up, buttercup, the weekend is on the horizon! What's been going on? Sorry to bore, but the usual: teaching (aka: herding cats this year), coming home and squeezing in gym time, some house cleaning and laundry and some reading or TV before bed. Thrilling, I know. In fact, they are considering making a movie about my life. I requested Jennifer Garner to play me. But in all reality, no news is good news. Hubs is working tonight and I have no plans (praise!) so I think I'll take a bubble bath and make a dent in the Jodi Piccoult I'm reading. We are having my fam over for dinner on Sunday and then we'll be ready to start school again on Monday. Not really, but we can pretend, right? 

I like to give shout-outs occasionally to products I like. Well. Let me tell you about this pencil sharpener I am nuts about. If you are not a teacher you might think pencil sharpener? I haven't used one of those since elementary, who cares? No, really, you need this whether you teach or not. A few years ago, frustrated with pencil shavings all over my classroom floor and having busted my 3rd or 4th fancy (expensive) electric sharpener, I took to google to find the "best pencil sharpener for teachers." Behold: the best pencil sharpener in the world. I love this thing. It was designed by a teacher and I love supporting American small business owners. This bad boy is only $25 (they have great deals if you buy in multiples, too) and it is hands down, the best thing ever. I've had other teachers stop by my room just to try it out for themselves. A few people in my hall have even purchased their own. What makes it awesome? It's quiet, it's cute, it's durable, and it's so easy for kids to use because of its unique design, once the silver part hits the back, your pencil is done and sharp. No more having kids over-sharpening and breaking pencil after pencil. Here's a video about how it works Click here and get yours today. It's the best! 

In other news, I found this hilarious....Our new HOA is fairly strict and we received an email this weekend that they are tired of seeing doggy waste around the neighborhood (which begs the question: who, in this frigid weather, is out walking around whining about puppy turds? I haven't seen hardly anyone out since it gets dark early and you know, winter weather) and so they are taking drastic measures and having pet owners get their dog's poo "DNA analyzed" and if a rogue turd is found in the 'hood, it will be taken and DNA tested (apparently Making a Murderer mania has found its way to the local HOA circuit). The dog who is a match earns its owner a hefty fine. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous?! I am in favor of cleaning up after pets but LAB TESTS to find the furry perp? Insane! I had a good chuckle out of that and AJ and I have been joking about it all day. 

Cheers to the weekend, pals! 

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