Sunday, December 20, 2015

Break Time!

Hi there,
   I am 100% officially on Christmas break! Writing this at noon still in my pajamas (ahem). I truly thought last week would never end..... but we got loads of snow Monday and even a late start time on Tuesday. That was a nice bonus and top it off with a fun dinner out with friends on Thursday and knowing the finish line was thisclose made for a pretty fun and festive week. My class was more wild than usual (didn't think it was was) and unlike in years past when I shed some tears and wished the kidlets a happy new year, this year I'm pretty sure I burned tire rubber getting out of that parking lot Friday.  This week involves visits with some pals, some fun hang out time with my hubs, some quality gym time to combat the feasts that have/will occur, a family dinner, Christmas Eve church, and then we head to Oregon at the end of the week for Christmas round 2 with the Steeles. Soaking it in and savoring every moment.
Last weekend we went to go look at the "Tree of Life" in Draper with the fam....super pretty! 

finished this book this week, enjoyed it. 

Driving in the snow is on my list of "horrible things," so hubs was a champ and drove me to work Monday and Tuesday 

late start + half caff skinny vanilla latte + papers and plans to organize=a happy Mrs. Steele 

Sis and I went to see this on Saturday. It was cute, not my fave. Have any of you seen it? We kept commenting that the roles seemed reversed. In the movie Tina is the crazy wild selfish sis and it just seemed out of character for her. 

It happened. The first spill in the new place (coffee) and it wasn't done by me. Mr. Homeowner over here grabbed the Spot Shot and attacked that spill with vengeance. I am never letting it go that the first spill was not caused by me. What can I say? I eat with gusto. 

My sister introduced me to this adorable time suck called Neko Atsume. It's a Japanese (obvi) app where you have a yard and little cartoon cats come to visit. You buy things for your cats and take pictures when they arrive. Don't judge me, I'm already judging myself.

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