Saturday, December 12, 2015


    What a busy whirlwind week it has been! The elementary grades had their Christmas performance Wednesday night so I was at school for a grand total of 13 hours that day. Let's just say I fell into bed when I got home. I really do enjoy teaching during the holidays (teaching is a loose term, "surviving" would also work). The kids all left yesterday and wished me a Merry Christmas. Sorry, little ones, there's still 5 days left. We can do it. 
 There is honestly nothing new to report besides:
-We brought cookies to our new neighbors and felt very "grown up." 

-AJ cooked us a delicious meal this week.. And then he also left me the sweetest love note on the dashboard of my car. He's a keeper. 

-We are really enjoying our new place and are making a list of things we want to do/buy and are tackling it one month at a time. This month we want new bed pillows and a floor lamp for our bedroom. It's been really fun making it our own cozy space. But the trouble is, I was already a home body and now I just am one even more! A Keurig and a K cup assortment, a stack of library books, and I might just become the Boo Radley of Riverton, Utah. I finished "The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto" and it was the first book in a long time where I was genuinely sad it was over. This was a beautiful book (like all Mitch Albom reads). I have my sights set on some reads this holiday season, especially Lena Dunham's book. I know I'm late to the party on the whole Girls thing, but that show is brilliant. I finished all 4 seasons in 2 weeks and love love loved it. 

 I made a new crockpot meal last week that was awesome. Meatball Soup  We bought a Costco sized bag of meatballs and then realized that was probably not necessary for our household of 2. I anticipate many more dinners using these bad boys in the future. 

We had our work Christmas party yesterday.....gotta love a good white elephant. In case you were wondering, I brought a cake pop pan and came home with some Cap'n Crunch Christmas edition cereal. So all in all, winning. The hubby is stirring and I'm trying to convince him to ditch the gym in favor of a brisk walk with me this morning. It's a beautiful day and I'm excited to live it. Happy weekend, friends. 

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