Friday, December 4, 2015

It's December

Hi There,
   It’s the 4th and I am just getting around to doing monthly goals. In the words of my favorite feline, Pete the Cat, it’s alllll good. What was on my radar in November?

  1. Finish all Christmas shopping! Accomplished! And wrapped! I know there will be a few last minute things and there and that’s ok. Since we’re in an actual neighborhood now should I plan on neighbor gifts? If you are not from Utah then you are truly missing out on some glorious puns. Here’s an old Desert News article if you need some examples of typical Utah neighbor gifts. This is real, people, and happens every holiday season. The further South of downtown you are, the more likely you are to experience this phenomenon.

  1. Read 2 more books. Slacker alert! I am pages away from being done with “Sister Season.” It’s good, sort of slow. I got some awesome new reads at the library and can’t wait to dive in.

  1. Move into our new house!! Done! And it feels so good.

  1. Declutter. Done. My closet it a bit emptier but it feels good to clean things out. And that just means I need to hit up Tar-jay come spring. Cardigans and printed flats, come to me.

  1. Get back into my YouVersion Bible studies. I am working through this great Advent one now called “Waiting Here for You.” Each day features a different hymn, a prayer, a devotion, and a passage, it’s a good one.

     6. Workout outside on days that it’s nice. Yeah, I did try this one. I will opt for the outside if the       sun is out. If not, it’s 30 minutes on the treadmill watching Food Network or HDTV.

     7. Let people know I appreciate them. I sure hope I did this. Looking for the grateful is not just a November thing and I’m trying to weave it into daily life. This one is never fully “accomplished,” just worked on day by day.

December Goals…..are you ready…..really???


Simple: Enjoy the season with family and friends, give with an attitude of gratitude, enjoy our December trip to Oregon and try not to gain ten pounds on staff room goodies and appetizers. Nothing huge or itemized, but that’s not the point now is it? Happy weekend, friends!

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