Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Delicious Holiday

Hello from the other siiiiiiiide ( and by other siiiiiide, I mean life on Christmas break)

Last year AJ and I started a new tradition to make overnight French toast on Christmas morning. We get Starbucks on Christmas Eve morning, go to Harmon's to buy the ingredients, and then put the dish together listening to holiday tunes. Since last Christmas was our first married Christmas, I was pretty into starting traditions and declared "What we do this year matters because it becomes our 'thing' and we are destined to start our traditions now and carry them on until we're old and gray!" Well, hello reality check, some things we are keeping (like the French toast), but other things we are mixing up. Last year we made a crockpot dinner on Christmas Eve and this year we decided to go out. Last year we went all out on gifts for each other and this year we counting our new house and furnishings as a mutual gift and calling it good. Traditions are fun, but so is flexibility, spontaneity, and making new memories each year. Without further ado....here is the amazing French toast recipe . It's pretty delightful. Do you have any fun Christmas traditions?

photo from the-girl-who-ate-everything.com 

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