Monday, November 16, 2015

Why I'd Make a Horrible Kardashian

I'm not ashamed....I love Keeping Up With The Kardashians (and the other shows in the franchise: NY, Miami, Hamptons). I was thinking while watching Sunday's episode that I would not make the best Kardashian sister.

 Here's why:

1. All they do is eat salads. Let's get some variety up in here. I love a good salad, but take out containers of fancy salads are not my "go to" meal choice.

2. They need full "glam squad" to go anywhere. I love doing makeup and hair, but let's be real folks: most days it's a swipe of eye makeup, dab o' bronzer, and some mascara and lipgloss. 3 minutes and done. Ain't nobody got time for full glam every day.
3. They have drama. All the time. I cannot handle the issues, fighting, tension. Ewww.

4. I don't have a driver. Or a black escalade. I roll in my 2011 Corolla, what what.
5. They are hounded by photographers wherever they go. I enjoy my anonymity. Well, almost anonymity, sometimes I hear "HI Mrs. Steele!!!!!" from across the grocery store parking lot.
6. The fashion choices of all black and white all the time. I like color. And lots of it.
7. Their mom is Kris Jenner. Praise the good Lord that my mom is nothing like "Mom-a-ger" Kris.
8. Kanye at family gatherings. Uhhhh no thanks. Can you imagine his thankful list around the holiday table? Me, Me, Kim, North, and well, me!

9. I don't need to obsessively tweet, facebook, and insta. And when I do, it's not broadcast on E! immediately.
10. Have you ever noticed their cookie jars that are meticulously organized? Insane, I tell you! I guess the perfect symmetry and balance keeps them from eating any?

Yep, it's official. Keeping up with The Steeles is WAY more fun than keeping up with the Kardashian clan any day.

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