Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Week & Our New Home

I think everyone was looking forward to the holiday break! You know that tired where you think to yourself: I'm not sure I can go on another day without an epic nap, an enormous glass of wine, a sweat sesh in the gym with Adele blasting or all 3? Yeah, that. Wednesday morning we slept in (ohhh yeah!) and then headed out for some errands. We went to breakfast at the always delicious Penny Ann's Cafe and to a few other places. We ended up seeing an afternoon movie at the redone theater close by with reclining seats. I know a few other theaters in the valley are doing this but I had never been to one. It was delightful! We saw the Julia Roberts movie "The Secret in Their Eyes." It was ok, not awful, but more of a "dollar movie." Speaking of movies, we went crazy setting up recordings on the DVR of new movies because we get HBO now. Well, Wednesday evening we settled in to watch one, and the TV wouldn't work. Neither would the internet. WHAT?!? We called Comcast and they said the next available appointment would be Saturday morning. Boooo. But guess what? We called the number for the Comcast guy who installed it for us and he came right over on Friday. 3 hours of fruitless attempts at fixing it, he discovers this weird little cable plug in the closet that had come undone (probably when I tossed a broom in the closet). Problem solved. Adventures of the first week in a new home, I suppose.
  Thanksgiving morning we headed straight to our old house and cleaned it up. I mean deep clean. Like "please give us back our security deposit" clean. We brought home a few miscellaneous things we had over there and then came home to relax and get ready to go to my family's house for the big feast. I am so thankful that my mom said since we had just moved not to worry about bringing a side. We did bring Chex Mix, though, because it's a Steele family tradition. We ate a lot, laughed a lot, and celebrated being thankful and together. Libby (my sister) and I had the itch to do some Black Friday shopping. Nothing major like waiting in line or shoving people over (the fact that stuff like that happens makes me so angry) but just to go out and see what was happening. We brought our dad and AJ along for the ride. ALL of Old Navy has half off so I scored some good things there. Target was pretty crowded and picked over. We weren't going full on Black Friday so we were home by 11:00. Friday I hit the town to find some deals at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, back to Target, then I did the bravest thing I've ever done: went to Costco on Black Friday. It was nutty but AJ was at home so I felt free to browse every aisle and try every sample (God love my husband, but the thing he hates more than shopping is browsing. It happens to be my specialty).
Today we are having my fam over to show Libby our new place and tomorrow is going to involve wrapping my head around the fact that there are three weeks of school until Christmas break. It'll be a whirlwind, but bring. it. on.

Here are some house pics for your viewing pleasure. There are definitely more things we want to add like curtains, more things to hang, but this is the jist. We are really enjoying it.

I love that cool blue accent wall 

Our wonderful realtor got us this the day we closed :) 

Carrie Underwood, AMA's, natch 

I saw this in Quilted Bear and just loved it for our bedroom! 

I love using this little tray instead of a coffee table. The best part is we can move it around or away even if we have people over. 

This room has all of AJ's Oregon State stuff in it and the bench from our wedding, books, luggage, kind of a catch all room 

guest room. We've dubbed it "Purple Rain." One of these days we'll repaint that. I do like it more than I thought I would. 

guest room

master bedroom 

front hall 

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