Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Nothing much over here.....

Hi Folks! Happy Veteran's Day! You know one of the millions of reasons why I love social media is that it really brings people together to rally around things like holidays and good news (NOT drama over red cups because ya'll? Quit being offended over every damn thing. Ahem). My newsfeed was filled with flags and appreciation today, love it!  So thankful for our armed forces AND their families. Our school did a flag retirement ceremony today and it was really neat to see. I experienced one when I was in high school and attended Girls State at Southern Utah University (anyone else out there do Girls State? I LOVED's a week long patriotic/political camp type thing for high school girls).

   In other news it snowed here for the first time this week. Luckily none really stuck in the valleys and as long as the white stuff doesn't affect my commute, I'm good. Despite the snow, hubs currently has burgers on the grill and I'm in terry cloth shorts, so obviously we're in a summer state of mind here at the Steele homestead.

      In house news we closed on our new place Monday!! This weekend will involve some car loads, furniture store, and showing the new digs to my family. I can't even express how great it feels that we have our current townhome until the end of December.....lots to do but luckily plenty of time to do it in.
  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to research washers and dryers online because somewhere along the way I  guess I became a real live grown up.

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