Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekending: Fall Break Edition

Well, sweet Fall Break, we are in the home stretch and you have been good. So good and much needed. Here's a recap:
Thursday: We slept in and made pancakes. There is just something about eating pancakes in your pjs watching daytime television on a weekday that is just one of life's sweetest things. We had some paperwork to drop off for our home loan to go into processing. I have never signed my name more in my entire life. But it was an e-signature so I couldn't practice fun new cursive styles but AJ reminded me this is a good thing because important home loan documents where big time mortgage people have your checkbook for the next 30 years is not the place to practice chalkboard lettering. He's a smart one, my man. I got my Target trip in that I'd been wanting and I may have also done some Christmas shopping. I know. That night I made a new recipe in the crockpot (October goals, what what!) and it was amazing. Lasagna Soup will definitely be made again. SO great.
Friday: We both lounged all morning and got some school work done. I put my students' stories and the matching rubrics right under my nose Wednesday night so I would for sure get to them. We then went on a long walk on the Jordan River Parkway....we went further than we've ever gone on it and that was our mission! That afternoon we went and saw the new horror flick "Crimson Peak." I am not usually one for spooky stuff but Tis the season, right? It was delightfully gory and corny and I'd actually recommend it if you're looking for a creepy flick. Friday night we met my family for dinner and cake and presents because it was my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! We ended up staying late and chatting. Have I mentioned how awesome it is that AJ blends in so well with our family?
Saturday: The day of cleaning and groceries. Sigh. I made Rookie Wife Mistake of the year and washed AJ's wallet in his jean pockets. Whoops. We went back and forth and concluded it was basically his fault. Can I get an amen, ladies? I babysat Saturday night and AJ also worked too so nothing too exciting there.

We had a great weekend of a whole lotta nothing and it felt nice. We have a BUSY week ahead but I think we are both looking forward to diving into the rest of October. The Steele fam comes for a visit in a few weeks and we will know soon our official moving date. Good things indeed. Here's some pics:

It's a tradition I have to teach "Pumpkin Day" before Fall Break. It was so much fun. 

student work calling out to me "grade me, grade me" 

Ok, I need to confess: I haven't used these since middle school but my sister had them a few weeks ago and reignited my love for the Biore strip. I'm on the bandwagon again. 

Just a car selfie on the way to mom's birthday celebration 

Tulie Bakery is the 6th love language and I'm pretty sure it's mine. Funny story: when I was still in Chicago and in the process of moving back to Utah, I was trying to decide a cool area to live in. I googled and found this bakery and really wanted to live in its vicinity. I ended up not living by it and live even further now, but my initial excitement was totally warranted. 

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