Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Hello Friends,

  I hope you all had spectacular Tuesdays. Mine started with a jolt as the hubs set his radio alarm clock this morning (honestly? No clue why we still have one of these) and it was on static. Nothing like deafening static to get you moving and shaking at 5:30. But the morning got infinitely better as I stopped off for a “grande soy misto with 2 pumps pumpkin.” Heavenly. This is the first week in months I think that I don’t have something every evening to do or somewhere to go. Praise. We are finalizing house paperwork and are on the edge of our seats waiting to find out when we can move. Although the actually moving our stuff part? Yeah haven’t really thought of that. Maybe there was a reason I de-cluttered and everything that wasn’t nailed down was at risk for being tossed away this summer. The in-laws arrive into town on Thursday and while I wish I could take Friday off to hang with them, there’s this little thing called School costume parade and class Halloween party. Ain’t no party being thrown in my class without me there. (Well, one, it’s fun, but two, the thought of 26 1st graders having their way with glitter and glue/other party goods and that it might not get cleaned properly gives me legit hives). We are on a mission not to go out to eat at all this week (well, until the Steele fam arrivies) so we’ve planned some yummy recipes this week: pork stir fry with brown rice, southwestern quiche, and chicken on the grill. I am so beyond thankful for a chill week as next week seems to be getting busy fast. Oh. And if you need a laugh, please please please check out the stand up “War Paint” by Iliza Schlesinger on Netflix. I laughed last night till I couldn’t breathe. I’m actually still laughing about it. I’ll leave you with a clip. Peace out, peeps.

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