Sunday, October 25, 2015

First Light

This morning I was up before the dawn. It wasn't an abrupt wake up but more like my body whispering, "Get up, sleephyhead. This is when we usually hop up and take on the day." It was 5:30 and I glanced over at my peacefully sleeping husband. Just because my body clock is urging me out from under the covers, it doesn't mean his is too. Before you think I'm just the sweetest wife, there are many mornings where I wake him up. My reasoning? I want a pal in the morning. He is not always amused, but sometimes he is, so I keep doing it. Today, though, I let him sleep. I creep downstairs and turn on one lamp. It's early and I'm not ready for the harsh overhead lighting yet.

I toss in a load of laundry and sit. I could turn on the TV (I have 4 episodes of Oprah's "Belief" miniseries in the DVR waiting for me) or I could turn on Pandora. Jack Johnson and Norah Jones stations have been recent faves. But no, I keep it quiet. Just me, in my pjs, with my thoughts. I think about the upcoming day-we have no major plans, church, a fall drive, Sunday cleaning, and getting some things ready for the week. Typical, but beautiful. The world is still and the sun is beginning to rise. Oh how different this morning scene is than a usual week day. Hurry, alarm, snooze, drag, hot shower, hurry, eyemakeup, coffee maker, itunes playing, clock glancing, hurry, grab a granola bar, rushed goodbyes and quick kisses, don't forget your lunch. HURRY. Today I want quiet. I want peace. I want to create. I set to work making banana applesauce muffins. Usually when I bake (one of my favortite past-times) I have music blaring. Not this morning. I carefully measure, sift, stir. It's just me, the ingredients, and my thoughts.

 By the time the muffins are ready for the hot oven, I switch the laundry to the dryer. The world is still so still and quiet. I love the peaceful hum of the dryer. Turning over and over and over. I wait for the muffins. I wait patiently. No blogs to read, no books to read. Just me, with a cup of coffee, with my thoughts. Finally the muffins are done but I wait. I long to take a bite out of one but am patient, waiting for the chilly fall air to cool them enough to take a sweet bite. By this time, it is light out and the windows are open. I walk up the stairs and gently wake AJ. Time to start the day, I whisper. It's just us, our love, and our thoughts. And a whole day of joy between us.

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