Saturday, September 12, 2015

What I'm loving lately....

I hope to make this post a regular one here at Sunday Kinda Love.....things/people/places/topics that I'm loving these days. 

1. Kaboom. Ok, I'm a cleaning nerd and I've tried every variety of bathroom cleaner but this one is the best. It goes on purple and then turns white when it's ready to wipe off. I'll be honest, this cool color changing feature may have been the reason I originally put it in my cart (I'm a 1st grader at heart, what can I say?) but it legit works. Cleaning bathrooms with this stuff is on my agenda today. This is real life, people. 

2. Please refer to my pumpkin post last week, but of course Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on the list. I had my first one on Wednesday. Heaven I tell you. 

3. Dave Ramsey Podcasts. I got into podcasts this past summer with the Big Boo Cast by two of my fave bloggers. Plus our church puts sermons out in podcast form so if you miss a Sunday you can keep up with the current message series. Love that. I discovered Dave Ramsey's podcast this week. I love financial advice like whoa and he has such a great message and attitude. I listen while at the gym, folding laundry, making dinner and sometimes in the car. I feel like an old grandma with my talk radio, but it keeps my brain busy while doing simple tasks and I can learn new stuff. Win-win.

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4. Seasonal days teaching. This week was Apple Day and it was. so. fun. We tasted different apple varieties, did an apple type word search, a mini apple report, graphed our apple types, and read apple books. It was the first time I really felt I could loosen up a bit with this bunch of kids and have less-structured fun. These seasonal days are a fun way to mix up the norm and incorporate lots of subject areas under one theme. And Lord knows I love a good theme. Bring on pumpkin day and gingerbread day.....

5. Unexpected Sequels. This summer I read the adorable book "Whistlin Dixie in a Nor'easter" and while browsing at the library yesterday I discovered it has a sequel: "Southern as a Second Language." I see lazy times in our big comfy chair with a mug of tea and this read. 

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6. Cupcakes. This is on the list not because I've had one lately but because they are near and dear to my heart. This week AJ and I decided to give up desserts for a while. We both have a bad habit of snacking an hour or two after dinner and that's not good. So we have been dessert free for 5 days and it's not so bad but I still love cupcakes and didn't want them feeling all bad so I included them here. Oh, and please refrain from telling me to "have some berries" to cure my sweet tooth because I WILL find a way to add some brown sugar and nuts to said berries and produce a cobbler, which newsflash: dessert. I don't trust myself with any after dinner anything. I'll keep you posted on this daring new world. 

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7. These yoga pants. About 5 or so years ago I purchased a pair of these from TJ Maxx and loved them so much I went online to find them. I probably order 3-4 pairs a year and they are the best. Comfy for home days but perfect for the gym too. They are a great length and are one of the only pairs I've found that fit well on the hips. Check 'em out if you're a yoga pant fiend like myself. 

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That's all for today, folks! Have a glorious weekend!! 

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