Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekending: Labor Day Weekend!

Hi Everyone,
   First of all I want to give a big giant thank you to those of you who have been reading on this blog of mine It's been two months since I began and I have had the most fun creating it and it means the world to me that people actually read it. Thank you! xoxoxo

This weekend was a MUCH needed 3 day weekend. Friday I work up with the sniffles and the feeling of a little bug coming on. I laid around for most of the day Saturday and so needed it to give my body a break. I am feeling better now and am thankful for this bonus soul and my sanity needed it.

Thursday night AJ was at a Utah State football game with some pals so I took a long bubble bath, lit the cinnamon bun candle, had some adult beverages and watched Teen about my happy place! 

Friday morning coffee treat 

Our first spelling test was happening Friday morning and I see a kiddo struggling to write. He's trying to use this. I laughed, gave him a legit pencil, and stored this bad boy in my desk drawer. Crazy huh? 

Addition game fun on Friday
Friday night AJ suggested we try a new place for dinner, Hu Hot a Mongolian grill. We are both fans of noodles in any form so we were pretty pumped about it. We were not pleased. It was not cheap and the buffet of frozen beef chips and sketch looking chicken grossed me out. I have been to places like Benihana before and was sorta expecting a show. The people grilling our bowls of veggies and noodles (the raw meat turned my stomach so I went vegetarian for the evening) looked SO bored and were just chopping and tossing noddles like they were chained to the damn table. I couldn't put my finger on what it tasted like, but I think the closest I can get is that it tasted like the Asian variety of Lean Cuisines. We went to Scheel's after dinner because I was so jealous of my husband's Hydroflask water bottle I needed one of my own. Scheel's is my husband's playground so he made a beeline for the golf area. I was cracking up because someone put little Happy Meal Barbies in all the holes. AJ didn't even notice till I pointed it out!

Barbie in the hole! 

Sunday we had my family over for dinner (we made crockpot Italian Beef, one of our most favorite dinners) and today (Monday) we slept in, stopped for Starbucks, and went walking all around Memory Grove where we got married. I used to live in a tiny apartment just a block from there so it was great memories exploring my old hood. And now? Catching up on "I am Cait" and curling up with the new Harper Lee. And maybe a nap thrown in too. Tomorrow I go from Leslie to Mrs. Steele again and I am thankful for the breathing room before 1st grade fun begins again. Hope you had a great weekend!

That building there is where we said "I do" 

I've been on the library wait list for months. Finally got this in my hot little hand. Only about 30 pages in, hoping to finish it this week. 

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