Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Hey everyone!
    Just a random mid-week update around here. 

School is going well and it’s happening just as my hubby predicted: these kids are growing on me. I can’t wait to see what they can do in May. That incredible amount of growth and progress is why I love 1st grade! It rained a bit this week and love that fall feeling in the air. What I don't love is indoor recess. That is some teacher torture right there. I almost put on my boots this week but thought, no, that’s too much. I will get boot over-load in the fall and winter so I think I’ll hold off for a bit. I put on my plum colored chevron Jamberries tonight. Aren't they fun?

I am still reading “Southern as a Second Language” and am enjoying it. I am planning a post soon about all the books I want to read. Is there a way I can lay in bed with a cup of tea and read all the live long day? Is there??? Until then, I’ll just squeeze in reading when I can. Any book recommendations I should add to the list I’m compiling?

The hubby and I made a list of Christmas gifts we want to get for our friends and family and guess what? I bought my first Christmas gift today! I know it’s way early but our goal is one gift per paycheck so by the time December rolls around it’ll be no stress and our gifts for loved ones will be all bought (and hopefully wrapped up cutely). That’s the plan at least. 

The “no food after dinner” rule is still rolling! We are about a week in and it’s hard...last night I wanted just a handful of gummy bears but….. we had. no. treats. in. the. house. That sure helps things. I’m not about to get in the car and buy a dessert item. I might need a sweets fix but you’re mistaken if you think I’m changing out of pjs and fixing my raccoon eyes after 15 hours in mascara and leaving the house for about 20 gummy bears. It’s not a huge change and I’m not expecting to be a bodybuilder or anything from it, but it’s a healthy choice and a good challenge for me.

Speaking of healthy choices, AJ and I tried the new burger joint right down the street from us tonight. It was a delicious cheeseburger and fries treat on a rainy evening. We tried to take a selfie but we were thwarted by our short arms. The struggle is real. May your Wednesday be filled with joy, pumpkin flavored something, and if you're a teacher: no hoodies left in your room after the bell rings.

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