Sunday, September 13, 2015

I'll still love you in orthopedic shoes.....

Something about my type A personality is that I don't like things I can't understand. I will learn and read and question until I "get it." I've felt so confused and lost about insurance. Anyone else feel me on this one? I never know what copays I should pay, if I'll get a bill after a doctor visit, what's covered, what's not, the whole shebang. AJ and I got on the same insurance last year and in a cleaning spree I came across this guide book. So Saturday morning I curled up with this fun (note sarcarm) read and highlighter in an attempt to understand our insurance benefits.

I learned a few valuable things. Like how rehab for major drug addiction is like whoa expensive (I wasn't looking for me, no worries, but I'm genuinely concerned about the finances of the Lohan family. That junk is not cheap). I also learned what doctor visits are covered under the Affordable Care Act, what our deductibles are, and best of all, that in old age, bed pans are not covered but bed rails are. This led to a heartfelt and silly convo between AJ and I about our life together in 70 + years. We might be young and in love now. But I can't wait to be old and in love then. Life is messy. If I didn't already know this, learning about home IV stands, shower chairs, and special canes while going over the benefits guide proves this fact. But in the mess, there's no one I'd rather get old with. And prosthetic limbs are even covered too, so even when we're literally falling apart, we're covered. But no amount of insurance benefits can trump the real life coverage of a loving heart beating next to mine and going through this crazy life with my husband holding my hand through all of it.

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