Thursday, September 17, 2015

Give me all the reads

Remember in the summer when I read all the time and was averaging a book a week? It is but a distant memory. While my reading accomplishments have slowed lately (see: full time job), there are still lots of books on my "want to read" list. I want to cuddle up with one (or all) of these this fall.

1. A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet This book is by one of my all time fave bloggers Boo Mama. She is a genuinely hilarious gal who I am certain would be my best pal if we met in "real life." She is a southern mama of faith and all of her writing makes you want to shout "ME TOO!" The longer title of this book is "A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, Southern Stories of Faith, Family, and Fifteen Pounds of Bacon." Now that's what I'm talking about. 

2. The Big Disconnect I am fascinated by how the internet is changing brains in young people and changing family life. It's kind of daunting to think about how the world is transforming due to media and what this means for the family and all of our lifestyles. This book delves into "protecting childhood and family relationships in the digital age." Might be helpful to learn how to connect to young people without using a screen.

3. Missoula: Rape and Justice in a College Town Krakaeur is a brilliant writer and this book looks at the ever-growing horror of sexual violence in college towns. I want to learn why this happens and what we can all do about it. Not a light read by any means but I believe a very important one. 

4. If I Could Turn Back Time Beth Harbison books caught my eye in 2010 and I've been loving her witty chick lit ever since. This book will probably be fairly typical: a relatable charming protagonist who finds her way back to life and love after a jaded period of young adulthood. Some girly inspiration? Sign me up please. 

5. Life is Short I LOVE TLC's "The Little Couple!" Bill and Jen Arnold are an inspiring couple who have journeyed through adoption, cancer, and being little in a tall world. I am looking forward to this interesting read about their life. They are a super cute couple too. 

6. In The Unlikely Event Guys, Judy. Bloom. She's a classic! I want to read this book because a) Bloom's a pro storyteller b) it covers a multi-generation tale (love that) c) there's a love story and d) I wish I lived in the time when airline travel was glamorous. I can't wait to pick up this book. 

7. The Organic God  The author of this book is a speaker sometimes at our church and I always love her messages. I have heard from multiple people that this book is magnificent. According to Amazon: In The Organic God, Margaret explores breathtaking glimpses of God's character-- His big-heartedness, kindness, beauty, mystery, and more-- inviting you to discover God in a healthy, refreshing way. 

8. It's You A woman finding herself by learning about the Greatest Generation's triumphs? Hand me the kleenix and an endless coffee mug! I can't wait to dive into this novel. 

9. Paper Towns Yes, yes, this is a young adult read, but who cares? I loved "The Fault in Our Stars." I vowed to read this book before seeing the movie. It looks like an interesting quick read. 

I wanted to make it to 10 books, but I think this list will keep me busy for a while, don't you? What are you reading lately? Share your recommendations in the comments. 

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  1. Nice post!! Loved the "Paper Towns" movie. I've been wanting to read the book too.