Sunday, September 6, 2015

Football and I: It's Complicated

I don't come from a real sports-centered family. I never really understood how football worked (well, I still don't really) and I looked forward to the Super Bowl for only 2 reasons: Half time show and Rotel and Velveeta dip. Even in high school, when my classmates were all excited for championship games and Friday nights at the field I just couldn't care less. Organizing my class binders was more exciting to me than donning a school pride sweatshirt and cheering on the guys (seriously, though, my class binders were a thing of beauty, I think God knew all along I'd be a teacher, my love for school supplies runs deep). In college, Gonzaga was all about basketball. I love Gonzaga and of course I always wished for victories, but again: I could really care less (please don't stone me, Gonzaga alumni). I remember freshman year people camped out for tickets and I couldn't think of anything more horrendous. Leave my bed and go sleep outside to wait in a line for tickets? No way, no how. I know my pals liked the camaraderie maybe even more than the basketball and chalked it up to an experience, but again, I could care less. I love that Gonzaga basketball put our school on the map and I always hope the Bulldogs win, but to sit down and actively watch a game? No thanks, I'll pass. I moved through my college and grad school years without a team to root for and I was as happy as can be. Can't we all just get along? Also could college athletic gear be any pricier? Rip to the off. I'm pretty sure no percentage of my brain space was spent on sports and I was happy that way. And then I met AJ in 2012.
Visiting the Home of the Beavers, Reser Stadium the day we got engaged. Praise the Lord he didn't propose right then and there. I'm all about embracing his passions, but awww hayl no. 
   My husband DOES come from a sports-centered family. He DOES understand how football works and he loves it (maybe more than I love school supplies, crazy huh?!). Once the first fall rolled around during our first year dating, I wondered how this would go. I explained to my new beau that football just wasn't my scene. Well, it was more than just "not my scene" I explained that I'd rather lose my beloved red polka dot day planner than even watch a game. We had been dating about 5 months at this point so I'm not sure he really understood the gravity of that statement. He was a HUGE fan of the Oregon State Beavers and I saw how much joy watching games and getting pumped up for them brought him. I gave it a try and watched some games with him. He was patient with me and even calmly explained that the words "Washington Punts" on the screen were not the name of a player as I originally thought. I want to tell you I am now a die-hard "can't miss a second of a game" fan. But spoiler alert: Ummm, no.
Cake my mom made for my OSU-loving hubby on his birthday 
Here's the thing: I don't like sports (please don't disown me, Steele fam) and I don't think I ever will. HOWEVER, I love seeing my husband's passion when it's game day. I love some of my new OSU  gear I will wear in solidarity with the Steeles. I love fall afternoons on the coach with my babe while he gets pumped for kick off and I browse on Pinterest or flip though People magazine and cheer right along when he does. I love that anytime I meet someone from Oregon, I ask if they are a beaver or a duck. If they say duck I am immediately distrustful.

OSU swag on game day. Clothes and wreaths, and stickers oh my 
 I love that my family has become honorary Beavers and cheer right along with AJ. I love that college football brings people together. I love the snacks (Of course). I love that football season marks the start of fall and that there's always a game on. I love that I now have a "team" to root for and I never really did before. And most of all I love that my husband loves me even though I will never love football. How can I when there are binders to organize and day planners to write in?
The garter toss at our wedding was done to the Oregon State fight song and I surprised AJ with an OSU garter that we put on a football. The wedding can't be alllll details for just the bride, right? 
 In the meantime, here's wishing the Beavers a successful season and Godspeed to your team, whoever they are, wherever they play.

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