Saturday, September 5, 2015

25 Thoughts when everything pumpkin comes out....

1. Fall is here!!!
2. I am ready for boots, people! And infinity scarves, and crispy leaves, and cozy evenings and drinking a mug of something warm while wearing mittens like I always see on pinterest.
3. It's still sorta hot out...and the pool is open. I wore flip flops today but never mind, FALLLLLLLLL

I bought this. And it was gross. 

4. A chocolate chip bagel with pumpkin shmear from Einstein's is my true one and only love language
5. "I'll take a Pumpkin spice latte please" 7 best words in the English language
6. I was never this excited about pumpkins when I was younger. Because pumpkins used to mean Halloween, which meant candy, and now I'm much more sophisticated and pumpkins represent fall.
7. But I wonder if they make pumpkin pumpkin M &M's could be a thing? Thoughts?
8. I really need a cute flannel plaid button up to go with my skinny jeans (which might not fit after the aforementioned bagel binge, see number 4) and boooooots. This will be my uniform for all hayrides.
9. I don't know where I'll be going on said hayrides but it'll happen. Oh yes it will.

I'm not Southern. And I probably wrote this around August sometime. Just keepin it real. 

10. I really need to get planning my "Pumpkin Day" for my 1st graders. It's never too early to teach the joy of FALLLLLL.
11. I taught my class that a pumpkin is like a squash/gourd thing.
12. I am getting excited eating a stinky sticky squash, wait...letting that sink in for a sec
13. NEVERMIND, PSL's for everyone! I wish Starbucks was like a bar where I could say, "A round on me, good sir!" I've never said that in a bar, but that's how it goes in my fantasy of buying PSL's for everyone in the south valley.
14. Husband reminds me that we have pumpkin flavored everything in the house but no actual pumpkins. Must remedy.
15. Visit pumpkin patch where I wish I was wearing flip flops instead of my fall uniform because it's 85 degrees out.
16. We don't have kids. Make husband pose on tractor and pushing wheeelbarrow of enormous pumpkins.
17. OBVI we need something pumpkin flavored after the pumpkin patch. Themed Saturday, yay!
Move over, kid. I get that you're all dressed up in your "I'm the cutest little pumpkin" get-up from Old Navy but we would like a photo op by the truck with pumpkins too, ahem. 

18. Pumpkins make me think of cozy fall mornings so I should bake and make the house smell amazing and all fall-ish.
19. No pinterest I will not get my own pumpkin puree straught from the pumpkin. #slimey. Hand me that can of Libby's.
20. Hold up. I can actually make dinner INSIDE a pumpkin instead of a pan. SIGN ME UP! Dinner in a pumpkin
21. Yes, you're right, honey, it does look like poo. Let's grill instead because it's still hot out and not at all fall-ish.
22. Did you know that pumpkins have health benefits? This is very good to know. Sips on a 8458 calorie pumpkin spice latte with a side of a pumpkin muffin.
23. Pumpkins mean fall, fall means October, October means pre-Christmas, pre-Christmas means......
24. !!!!!!!!!!
25. It's the most wonderful time of the YEEEEEEEEARRRRRR.......time to go Christmas shopping!

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