Friday, August 28, 2015

Beyonce you just get me

The title of this blog post refers to the JOY I felt as Bey blasted on my computer this morning (specifically "Halo"). Nothing like a little diva to set your purpose for the day. What's been going on here? Teaching. For the first time in a few years I need to modify my program to meet the needs of my kiddos. Not necessarily academic, just other stuff and issues that my kiddies need more social skills. I know good teachers go back to the drawing board and make adjustments for each batch of kids each year so that's what I'll do, but it doesn't mean it's not exhausting and maybe also a little bit discouraging. I can't forget that just as they are learning SO AM I. So the beginning of the year has been good, not as smooth or effortless as years past and that's ok. My saving grace is my support network: special ed teachers and aides, supportive administrators and school leaders, my 1st grade team, teacher friends and family, and certainly my peach of a husband. He honestly probably knows the names of most of my "kids" simply from my bragging on them/venting about them/brainstorming about them. This job is so much more than a job. I know it's a cliche, but it's a piece of my heart and that's why I'm so hard on myself when I don't waltz in on day one and it's like I'm Miss Honey, Miss Bliss, Mr. Dewey Finn, Mr. Feeney, Miss Frizzle, Miss Norbury. (Major points to those who picked up on all those references. How many do you know? Hehe). In the meantime, I've got this pinterest quote as my daily mantra/motto:

In other non-school news, I finished the novel I started about two weeks ago, took a week off of books to dive into a new Marie Claire, and now I'm back at it reading "Orange is the New Black." Considering my adoration of the show, I can't believe I'm just now reading the book. It's awesome. I'm hoping for some long book worm time this weekend. I bought tics to my 10 year high school reunion this week. YIKES! In some ways it seems like yesterday, but then again SO much life happens in the first ten years our of high school it's kind of remarkable. I was on a major gym kick toward the end of the summer and took 3 days of this week and I kinda miss it. I'm excited to get back at it again and kick some bootay on the elliptical. It helps that the TVs in the gym are fixed because what's better to watch when you're busting your ass than "Carnival Eats?" I just finished watching the "Little People Big World" wedding special. Ever since I got married wedding stuff just reduces me to a puddle. Maybe because I know what a rollercoaster the wedding prep process as and how damn good it feels to just walk down that aisle or how fun it is to be married to your best friend. Either way, weddings got me all pass the kleenix. Speaking of weddings, one of my darlings had her hand raised in that frantic "I might pee my pants/I need to tell you this NOW" way that all elementary teachers get. Her question: What day of the week did you get married on? Because yes, that has everything to do with our conversation about not playing tag in the bathroom stalls. Ladies and gentlemen, my life. Here's to a weekend of snuggles, multiple cups of coffee, and some adventure thrown in for good measure. Some pics of life lately:
This sunrise in the school parking lot at 6:50 Monday morning. I wait in my car until 7:00 so the people who actually listen during staff meetings can disarm the school alarm for the day. Know thyself, and I know I'd get confused and the police would come and there'd be a whole scene. So I refrain. 

My adorable fam got AJ and I a basket of our fave treats (Gardettos and funfetti anyone?) to kick off the school year. 

I'm not a mom blogger but I had to take this shot. It's for memories, ok?! 

Picture day. Wished Lifetouch offered instagram filters. 

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