Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hi everyone!
    Well it happened. I woke up at 5 am today (Sunday) ready to rock and roll. Body clock, calm yourself! There's no school today. So I ate cereal and watched TV till 7, then went to sleep again until 10. Now that's more like it! We had a fun weekend. Friday night AJ met me at the grocery store so we could power through our long shopping list together (isn't he the sweetest?). We grilled cheeseburgers and browsed Netflix and went to bed early. Are we the only couple who spends an hour plus browsing and never settle on something to watch? Saturday morning we went to go look at some model town homes around the valley. We are hoping to make the jump in the spring/summer and buy a home. Yes, it's too early to be looking now. But it's good to see what we can afford/what we like and get ideas. Model home decor always seems to be nautical in nature so obvi I'm a fan. We went to do some shopping for work clothes for AJ (and me too...I might not have needed the wardrobe refresher like he does, but when navy striped flats call, I must answer). I was amazed at how easy it was to shop for guy clothes. The dress shirts were in bags and he wrote down his size (all these numbers with boy fashions, I don't follow) and we grabbed some and some matching ties. What in the???? Ladies shopping is so much more intense. We went to a Utah Bees game with some friends Saturday evening, It was quite the adventure as we got to the game early to get the free giveaway....capes for my class prize box. But we wanted to go to The Pie for dinner so we left the game, went to the Pie by the U, but it was paaaaacked (maybe more than usual) so AJ's pal had the idea to visit The Pie to go a block away and have a picnic table dinner. Fun, easy, and delicious. Then we went back to the game. It was a fun evening. When we got home I was sad to see "The Unauthorized Full House Story" from Lifetime did not record (errr, may have been cancelled by the hubs as it interfered with his programming). I immediately spent some time seeing when it was on next so I could record because #priorities. Then I fell into bed and woke up at 5 am (see above). Here are some pics for ya, enjoy!

Isn't this the creepiest picture of a mascot ever?! Hello nightmares. Buzzzzzzzz! 

While running errands I needed to introduce AJ to the glory that is Fiiz. I'm not a huge soda fan but there is something refreshing about these fun flavors on a hot day. This one is Dr. Pepper with raspberry and vanilla. The drive thru close by might be a problem. 

It was a busy Saturday but I went to the nail salon for a mani/gel. I am all about the fall colors even though it's not fall. I went for this darker red. 

Because it's not a real blog without a food pic. These are delicious new yogurts for folks like me who like texture with their probiotics. 

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