Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Hi Everyone!
   We've been keeping busy around here as we gear up for a new school year. It's kinda like pulling off a band-aid, the anticipation is killing me: let's just do it already! Well, not exactly yet, I still have a to do list (well, 104593459 post its with scribbled notes count as one "to do" list right?) and a few more no-alarm mornings to savor. Here's some glimpses of life lately....

I started Melissa Rivers' Book "The Life of Joan" on Friday and I finished it on Saturday. Witty, heartfelt, and sure made me miss the glory days of Fashion Police on E! 

Sunday morning I was LAZY with a capital L (and a, z, and y). I had my new breakfast addiction....frosted mini wheats with blueberries and kicked back with a good Lifetime movie. This one starred the greatest actress of our time, Hayley Duff. I can never get enough of these Lifetime movies, although I did see this one coming from a mile away, though, I mean it's called "His Secret Family" after all. 

I did finally get myself to the gym and am loving my new workout top from Walmart. It was only $4.88 and I felt like I had to worker harder at the gym wearing it. What kind of tool wears a "It's time to Sweat" shirt and barely breaks one? Not this girl.

I started Judah Smith's new book this week called "Life is_____" I LOVED his older book "Jesus is______" I'll have to do a post on this book because it makes me think deeply about faith and the Bible but is written in a really fun accessible way. If you google Judah Smith, you might find that he really likes Justin Bieber. Please ignore that unfortunate fact and get a hold of this great book.

Finally, I gotsta give props to my incredible husband. Not only does he put up with my own personal brand of crazy, but he "gets" teacher life (duh, he IS one too) and spent a considerable amount of time today helping me in my classroom. Yes the chevron wall stickers he put up might be a bit crooked and give me a slight eye twitch and I may or may not have thrown a ruler and yelled "DAMN IT, PINTEREST, not everything has to be CHEVRON ya know???" (I'm not saying I said those words, but I might have), but every time I look at the handiwork we created under my whiteboard I'll smile....I think. He's the best of the best and so today after we left the classroom we hit up Cafe Rio and saw the Vacation Movie ($5 Tuesdays, what what!). 

So that's my life, folks...nothing too thrilling but it's that smiley man right up there that makes all the daily stuff so very perfect. 

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