Friday, August 7, 2015

Inspiration for your phone

A few years ago I heard about this program called She Reads Truth. According to their website:
The most important players in SheReadsTruth are God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as they speak truth to our hearts through the reading of God’s word. Beyond that, there is you – a vast and beautiful community of women committed to growing closer to Jesus by seeking His face.

 I really liked their interesting and topical bible studies that could be sent straight to your phone. The devotions were the perfect start to my mornings. I stopped using that app for bible studies because 1) They charge for some of them and too many great devotionals out there are free and 2) The YouVersion Bible app has a greater selection of Bible studies to choose from. BUT....I still have the She Reads Truth app on my phone and I LOVE their beautiful lock screens. Each Friday I change the lock screen on my phone and focus on that truth/verse for my week. The graphics are cute and it's a perfect reminder to focus on what's important. 
Here are some examples of lock screens I've had lately

I hope you love these beautiful lock screens as much as I do. Check out She Reads Truth and download the app of you're interested. 

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