Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Hilarious" "Recipes"

I was meal planning the other evening (I try and plan 5-6 meals and then shop for them all at the same time. My mom plans like a month in advance, but she is legendary so anyway) and I wanted to find some yummy crockpot recipes that will be perfect for busy school nights. I ended up finding some great ones on this blog that I like. However, before I went to the handy internets, I dug through some of my cookbooks, and let's just say, it was a full blown laugh attack. This is why Pinterest exists. So women don't have to wade through recipe titles like these. Check out some of these gems:

why the quotes?! It just makes it sound sketchy and not at all "appetizing" 

everything? really? We'll see about that 

This one might be my favorite. The recipe gives no description of what it is, just that it is "the stuff." I feel like it's said in the tone I use when I take off my hurting shoes at the end of the day .I  typically don't use that tone when describing recipes with frozen green peas but someone was obviously pumped about this recipe. 

like so good. 

The title for this one isn't so bad, but look closer. It includes "jar of roasted garlic-parmesan cheese creation." Class went right out the window, girlfriend. 

don't even try and make it in the summer. 

The best part of this one is the tagline. "There is a lot of delicious sauce." Why do I feel like this was written by a caveman? Grunt, lot, of grunt, sauce. Is delicious. And grunt scrumptious." 

not on the floor, fool! The table! 

This one is an old friend. Good old cheesy potatoes, always kidding around. Never mind that "old" and "cheese" are words that should not be hanging out together. 

Thanks for being so polite. Glad you don't  want to give me green beans to hate. 

I'm scared 

Don't mess with this playa. 

Maybe for the 4th of July? Festive? 

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