Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hey Thanks

At church last night (LOVE Saturday evening church), we were charged with writing a thank you note to God. The beautiful message was all about how we can bless the Lord by thanking Him for his goodness and faithfulness. Gratitude is powerful. My girl Oprah puts it this way, "I learned from experience that if you pull the lever of gratitude everyday you'll be amazed at the results." Life is pretty darn amazing and in the middle of it all, I can forget. No, it's not Thanksgiving time but thanking God for all we have shouldn't just be reduced to November.
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Here's my thank you list, in no particular order. Well, it's a small snapshot of my thankful list because as we sang in worship last night, there are "10,000 reasons for my heart to sing."

1. My Husband: Obviously this is number 1. AJ is my best friend, my personal comedian, my shoulder to cry on, my partner in crime, and my best pal. He's my better half and I never want to take him or our relationship for granted. I hoped and prayed for a good man to be part of my life and God exceeded my expectations a thousand fold with my man.

2. My family: I lucked out in this department, I have an incredible family. AJ and I always comment on how blessed we are that we both have parents who are still living and still married. It's a rarity and we know how special it is. I love them for who they are and how they shaped me and are always there for me.

3. A great church community: This December marks 3 years that I walked into church alone having googled "Christian churches in SLC" and reading about this particular one. I wrote the address and service times on a post-it note and was super nervous. The message that first chilly morning I was there was titled "God is with you." I know that now and am thankful for the community of believers I get to be a part of.

4. Teaching: Gah! Of course this is on the list. Teaching young people is a true privilege. It might not always feel like it, but I am lucky I get to do this everyday. It makes me a better human. Plus it's fun.

5. My pals: My core group of girlfriends are ones I found primarily at Gonzaga. They are my soul sisters and we have been through very high highs and very low lows together. We laugh, cry, and goof off. It's a comfort and a joy to be reminded "you are not alone." They are my girls and I'd be lost without them.

6. Our townhouse: It's easy to get on pinterest or as of late, real estate websites and wish for bigger and cuter. But we love our place. It's our home and we've made it our own. I breathe a sigh of relief each I time I walk in the door. It's a place of peace and joy. And sometimes it features the smell of banana bread or popcorn popping before a movie night. It's where life happens and I am thankful for it.

7. My Health: You don't appreciate it fully until it's gone, right? I don't have ailments or diseases and that's a blessing. I need to heed this call and use my health to do great things in life. I want to appreciate and enjoy my body despite imperfections. It's my vessel on this earth and I'm blessed to have it.

8. The Library: free books? Yes, it's pretty awesome. I appreciate the desire to learn more. I appreciate authors who put their words out into the world for us to savor, enjoy, and think about. That's an act of love and I benefit greatly from it.

9. My phone: don't judge. I am thankful for my handy little tool to keep in touch with people, stay connected, write notes to myself, google a nagging question, or best of all, send out or receive a quick text to and from loved ones.

10. The DVR:  like to relax and catch up on my shows. Like a good book, those who create so we can be entertained are heroes. Thanks for creating art (well, this is a generous term for reality TV, bear with me) so we can all enjoy.

11. Seasons: Just when I think I will die from sweat, the fall comes and rescues us with colorful leaves and a cool bite to the air. Then comes the clean fresh snow and cozy times indoors. Next spring bursts forth reminding us new life will always bloom again. Then summer arrives again and hello to pool days, long nights when it's still light out, and steak sizzling on the grill. God you knew what you were doing with all these seasons and they are all beautiful.

12. The fact that this list could be 12091032830293 more pages long. Lord, help me to see you in everything in every moment of every day. And thank you. For being You.

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