Thursday, August 13, 2015

Classroom Tour!

Here is my home away from home, my classroom! Ok, 1st graders, I'm ready for you! I think.....
I like to have pics up to make my space feel like home :) The green card says "She is quick, curious, playful, and strong" to remind me to be all those things everyday! My mom and my mother in law found out I was doing a chevron theme and got me lots of cute chevron details to have around. 

My space. I could be here 24/7 and I'm pretty sure I'd still have stuff to do. A former teammate gave me those chevron mirror decals. So fun and perfect for a post-lunch lipgloss check. 

last year I rearranged my room mid-year to give me open space in the middle. Love that for stories, centers group work, just a change of location during a lesson....

"Wow Work" clips....I used to have my word wall here but wanted a rotating display of student work. First year trying it this way 

chevron decals courtesy of the hubby! The papers under the board are for students to sign once they pass off a phonogram list. I've got my first day of school books ready to roll. 

NEW word wall! Yes, I still need to buy a ladder to get to the A-G section! 

I LOVE my rocking chair. A KSL $20 find last summer 

Last year I was a dummy and wrote the student names on my job chart with a Sharpie instead of a Vis-a-Vis wet erase marker. Lame! I got a new job chart this year and am hoping to wipe off the names and use it again. 

Lesson for the first day: Keep my books neat! Here's hoping they'll stay neat all year.....hahahahaha 

I ordered chevron stamped clips from Etsy and then hot glued tacks to the back. Thanks, Pinterest! 

That's a wrap! I can't wait to have students arrive on Tuesday. Here's to year seven teaching 1st grade!

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