Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sweet Summertime!

I know you've heard it before: What are the 3 best reasons to teach? June, July, and August of course!
The truth is, the summer break is a HUGE perk to the teaching gig. When I decided I wanted to teach I never really considered how sweet it would be to have 25% of the year off. Well, what do teachers do allllll summer long? Here's a list based on my experience:

1) We sleep. Long live the 2:30 nap. The end of the school year likely left us frazzled, exhausted, and in a whirl of emotions. We need to recover.

2) We read. NOVELS, where art thou from September to May?! We catch up on our reading lists and share books with one another. Our Amazon carts are full of all the reads.

3) We binge watch. It's not lost on me that season 3 of Orange is the New Black debuted in early June. Here's to clicking "more episodes" and devouring them all in a matter of days.

4) We get to together. Our teacher friends are our lifeline during the school year. We miss each other and want to catch up. We inevitably end up talking about our students.....especially if a teacher in the group is about to inherit any of your former students. Get ready for the scoop.

5) We travel! This summer by husband and I spent over 55 hours in the car visiting Oregon and Lake Tahoe. We had a blast listening to music, laughing, buying Red Vines from middle of nowhere convenience stores and more. Forgetting what day of the week it is is a beautiful thing.

6) We plan our classrooms for next year. In July we start watching the sales and stocking up. The best plastic folders are on sale where? I'm there! We browse the internet for ideas and inspiration for our new home (the classroom, duh).

7) We work. Make no mistake, MANY teachers work over the summer because we have extra time and also to supplement our incomes. My hubby is a server during the summer and I've spent a fair share of time babysitting. It's nice to have a change of pace from teaching life and make some extra cash.....that will be immediately spent at Lakeshore Learning store.

8) We pin. Oh yes, summer is the time to pin away! Not just classroom ideas (a few do sneak in there too, we can't help it. A chevron clip chart? Come on, had to!) but also recipes, DIY ideas and more. Summer might be the ideal time to actual complete some of those pins, but as you can see, we're very busy here.

9) We think about our former students with a smile and a nostalgic heart.

10) We think about and pray over our new bunch starting in August. It's no joke, summer is SWEET, but so are 25 smiling 1st graders.

Here's to a dozen more margaritas, late nights, novels, and coupons for school supplies.

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