Saturday, July 11, 2015

First. Post.

Hello Everyone!!
     After YEARS of reading blogs I am finally starting my own! This is the space to record our lives and document our journey. So, who are we?
AJ: teacher. oregon state fan. weekend waiter. grill master. golfer. reader.
Leslie: teacher. gonzaga alum. baker. reader. pinterest addict. reality tv lover.

We have been married exactly one year and are enjoying our lives together! Each day is an adventure and we plan on embracing it!

Why "Sunday Kinda Love?" The song by Etta James was our first dance song and to us, it perfectly captures the love that we have. A love that's deeper than Saturday fun, and more exciting than the weekday grind. We have a Sunday kinda that is comfortable, strong, faith-filled, and with the anticipation of what's to come. Welcome to our story.....

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