Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

It dawned on me this morning that 3 weeks from today I'll be back at work.....not just getting my classroom ready, but tiny humans will be there expecting me to teach them something! YIKES! It's an adjustment going back (The hubby and I slept until 10 am today! Sheesh!), but I do honestly look forward to it and enjoy teaching. I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks of "freedom," and we've had an awesome week. I taught creative writing  Monday through Wednesday and will again for one more week. It's been a blast teaching "big kids" and it's such a joy to have the freedom and time to let their creative juices flow. I'm so glad there was a positive response to this class and that parents realize that it's good to keep those little brains working even in the summer and that there's something to be said for a relaxed, fun learning setting where tests and scores don't mean a thing.
Selfie before going to teach writing 

Hmmm, what else have we been up to? I got together with some friends for lunch this week and it was good to see them and catch up. We went and saw "Mad Max" this week at the dollar movies. It was bizarre but visually very cool to watch. Not my fave, but it held my attention (since I have perma-1st grade brain, not much does) and it was worth seeing.

photo from

AJ and I went on a beautiful hike Tuesday afternoon (he had the whole first half off the week off, yippee!) and the weather cooled down for a bit so it was a beautiful breezy hike.

Isn't this American flag hanging across the mountain tops pretty? It was a cool sight to see

I spent some time reading by the pool with my mom and sis (Libby). I'm reading a fun summery book now called "Whistlin Dixie in a Nor'Easter".....cute Southern chick lit, perfect for these dog days of summer!

This weekend I plan on some gym time (I resolved to try a bunch of new classes this summer, maybe I'll start now that summer is practically over!), more pool time, some homework for a professional development reading course I am taking, and maybe, just maybe, some initial lesson planning. Summer's not over yet and I will savor every last second! But I will confess I did order some of my beloved Bath & Body Works soaps, Wallflowers etc. and I definitely had some pumpkin action in my cart.........and some "fresh balsam" scent too. When summer ends a new season begins and I am so grateful for that!

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